Reputation risk is the largest, scariest and least manageable of all operational risks. Boards of many large companies have little confidence that their executives are even aware of what major reputation flare-up is around the corner (let alone hidden deep in social


Political advisor, communications strategist and producer Mark McKinnon is the co-creator and co-executive producer of Showtime’s The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth. Mark was chief media advisor to five successful presidential primary and general election campaigns. Anticipating his presentation

Beyond Engagement: How Social Media Can Improve Operations

Communication teams looking to build out an organization’s social media presence sometimes face pushback from a skeptical C-suite. That’s not entirely unreasonable, because the “soft” benefits of customer engagement can be hard to quantify. Interestingly, companies with aggressive social media programs, such

Brand Engagement in an Era of Distrust — Show Your Human Side

Get Millennials on your side by telling stories that promote social relevancy. “Millennials have a way of placing importance on things that the company forgot about. They place importance on company values. They assess the efficacy of the vision.” This was the

Content Marketing: Be Helpful, Human and Inspirational

A condensed transcript of a conversation with Jamie Pham, Content Marketing Evangelist, LinkedIn, at the 2015 National Summit on Strategic Communications (www.strategicsummit.com) Robert Grupp, Director, National Summit on Strategic Communications (NSSC): What is your definition of content marketing? Jamie Pham: Content marketing

Overcoming Today’s Top Five Global Communications Challenges

Part one of a two-part conversation with Jeff Cross, Global Head of Corporate Communications, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. University of Florida (UF): Can you tell us what the top five global communications challenges are for you and explain why you believe them

Leveraging Culture to Build Reputation at Southwest Airlines

A conversation with Katie Coldwell, Director of Communications at Southwest Airlines. University of Florida: Many companies today struggle to build a corporate culture that is consistent and contributes to brand building. Your session at the Summit will focus on how Southwest Airlines

Achieving Impact — Leadership in a 24/7 Digital World

A conversation with William Toti, President of Cubic Global Defense STRATEGIC SUMMIT: As a former U.S. Navy officer and now a C-Suite executive and industry leader, how did you acquire your strategic communication skills and capabilities? BILL TOTI: About 10 years ago,