Beyond Engagement: How Social Media Can Improve Operations

Communication teams looking to build out an organization’s social media presence sometimes face pushback from a skeptical C-suite. That’s not entirely unreasonable, because the “soft” benefits of customer engagement can be hard to quantify. Interestingly, companies with aggressive social media programs, such

Brand Engagement in an Era of Distrust — Show Your Human Side

Get Millennials on your side by telling stories that promote social relevancy. “Millennials have a way of placing importance on things that the company forgot about. They place importance on company values. They assess the efficacy of the vision.” This was the

Content Marketing: Be Helpful, Human and Inspirational

A condensed transcript of a conversation with Jamie Pham, Content Marketing Evangelist, LinkedIn, at the 2015 National Summit on Strategic Communications ( Robert Grupp, Director, National Summit on Strategic Communications (NSSC): What is your definition of content marketing? Jamie Pham: Content marketing

Overcoming Today’s Top Five Global Communications Challenges

Part one of a two-part conversation with Jeff Cross, Global Head of Corporate Communications, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. University of Florida (UF): Can you tell us what the top five global communications challenges are for you and explain why you believe them

Leveraging Culture to Build Reputation at Southwest Airlines

A conversation with Katie Coldwell, Director of Communications at Southwest Airlines. University of Florida: Many companies today struggle to build a corporate culture that is consistent and contributes to brand building. Your session at the Summit will focus on how Southwest Airlines

Achieving Impact — Leadership in a 24/7 Digital World

A conversation with William Toti, President of Cubic Global Defense STRATEGIC SUMMIT: As a former U.S. Navy officer and now a C-Suite executive and industry leader, how did you acquire your strategic communication skills and capabilities? BILL TOTI: About 10 years ago,

Optimizing Community Relations with Law Enforcement Through Social Media

Optimizing Community Relations with Law Enforcement Through Social Media A conversation with Carol Lin, Director of Strategic Communications at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. University of Florida: Your presentation will discuss how good crisis communications can aid law enforcement in reaching