Content Marketing: Be Helpful, Human and Inspirational

A condensed transcript of a conversation with Jamie Pham, Content Marketing Evangelist, LinkedIn, at the 2015 National Summit on Strategic Communications ( Robert Grupp, Director, National Summit on Strategic Communications (NSSC): What is your definition of content marketing? Jamie Pham: Content marketing

Overcoming Today’s Top Five Global Communications Challenges

Part one of a two-part conversation with Jeff Cross, Global Head of Corporate Communications, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. University of Florida (UF): Can you tell us what the top five global communications challenges are for you and explain why you believe them

Leveraging Culture to Build Reputation at Southwest Airlines

A conversation with Katie Coldwell, Director of Communications at Southwest Airlines. University of Florida: Many companies today struggle to build a corporate culture that is consistent and contributes to brand building. Your session at the Summit will focus on how Southwest Airlines

Achieving Impact — Leadership in a 24/7 Digital World

A conversation with William Toti, President of Cubic Global Defense STRATEGIC SUMMIT: As a former U.S. Navy officer and now a C-Suite executive and industry leader, how did you acquire your strategic communication skills and capabilities? BILL TOTI: About 10 years ago,

Optimizing Community Relations with Law Enforcement Through Social Media

Optimizing Community Relations with Law Enforcement Through Social Media A conversation with Carol Lin, Director of Strategic Communications at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. University of Florida: Your presentation will discuss how good crisis communications can aid law enforcement in reaching

Integrating Information Capabilities into Operations

A conversation with Col. Chip Bircher, Director, Information Operations Proponent Office, US Army. Attend the 6th National Summit on Strategic Communications on May 4-5. In a panel discussion at the conference, Col. Bircher will discuss how persistent engagement based on trust and credibility is

What Makes Communications Strategic?

The term “strategic” is to communications much like “proprietor’s special reserve” is to wine.  It sounds impressive, but does it actually describe anything truly meaningful? Is there any inherent value in the term?  A recent study found that the average salary for