Integrating Information Capabilities into Operations

A conversation with Col. Chip Bircher, Director, Information Operations Proponent Office, US Army. Attend the 6th National Summit on Strategic Communications on May 4-5. In a panel discussion at the conference, Col. Bircher will discuss how persistent engagement based on trust and credibility is

What Makes Communications Strategic?

The term “strategic” is to communications much like “proprietor’s special reserve” is to wine.  It sounds impressive, but does it actually describe anything truly meaningful? Is there any inherent value in the term?  A recent study found that the average salary for

Leveraging LinkedIn to Maximize Content Delivery

A conversation with Jaime Pham, Content Marketing Consultant, LinkedIn Corporation. Attend the 6th National Summit on Strategic Communications on May 4-5. Hear Jaime discuss the growing importance of original content on the LinkedIn platform.     UF: Your presentation will reveal impactful

Transforming Your Brand: Be Relevant and Break the Rules

A conversation with Rich Kylberg, Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications, Arrow Electronics. Attend the 6th National Summit on Strategic Communications on May 4-5. Hear Rich describe how he and his team are transforming the Arrow brand —  turning 10,000 Arrow employees into